We have a problem with an incorrect policy package applying to workstations.

There are two workstation packages in the tree. The old one is not
associated with anything anymore, and the new one is. This looks OK in
console1, but when you go to the scheduler on the workstation the old one
is still applying.

The strange thing is, we have even renamed the old package yet it still
shows up in the scheduler under the old name.

When you look in the zenpol.log on the clients there is only mention of the
new package, which is what i was expecting, but it stubbornly refuses to
apply. I've got a set of logs from a client, which i can provide a
download link for on request.

We've even imaged a new PC that and this has the same problem.

All replica's appear to be in sync, no problems from a DS healthcheck.

Any ideas ?