Wish I had stayed at Zen 6.5.

We upgraded to zen 7.sp1 from Zen 6.5.x.

We seem to have a issue with just win2k workstation polices.
The polices are iPrint, Inventory, and some Scheduled action policies to
shutdown the mahcines.

Before upgrading to 7 sp1 the aove polices worked fine with 6.5. With 7
sp1, it seems if we login as ADMIN and reboot the polices show up in the
scheduler. If you do not login as admin the polices WILL NOT SHOW up in
the scheduler nor do they run.

This only affects WIN2k. XP workstation polices work fine.

I thought turning debug helped, but then I realized that I had logged in
as admin so the reboot I had to do for the debug did not really help.

What can do you think??