I push out a firewall policy to a group of workstations, when I look at
them the firewall is truned on and you can see the exceptions there.

Someone needed the policy turning off to work on a machine, I changed
the policy to say 'not configured' on Windows firewall: protect all
connections. I have done this to enable the local administrator to turn
off the firewall locally if needed.

Here comes the questions....

1, On my machine it has turned the firewall off and what I wanted it to
do is leave it on but allow me to turn it off if needed (so, default

2, A laptop (XP Home) never had the firewall policy applied to it in
the first place (yes, it is SP2) why..... Is there any logs I can set
or look at to see why it isnt applying?

3, On another machine the policy is just applied as was and you are not
able to turn it off.

Anyone any ideas??

Thanks in advance