We have Zen 7 on Netware 6.5.
This server also hosts our NDPS printers, that at this point are only
servicing legacy print queue's.
We also use a cool tool called Adrem Server Manager.
We rebooted our Zen server over the weekend and are getting login failures,
at least according to Adrem.
Adrem is showing "failed logins" at a rate of 60 per hour?
Although, no users are complaining of any connectivity issues at all.
Users login to a different server, which is the master replica. This server
has a read write replica.
After watching this for about 4 hours it has slowed to 4 login failures per
hour according to Adrem.
This is the only server showing this error. The only thing unique to it
apart from the other servers is it is our Zen 7 server, NDPS server, DCHP
and DNS server.
Before today we only got at the most 3 or 4 failed logins per hour.
Can you help us identify what this is?
We do workstation inventory, dymanic local user as well as push policys,
and apps. Was wondering if this was ZFDagent related?