I'm exporting some information from eDir re: workstation objects and
noticed a handful of workstations that seem to have logged multiple
MAC's for the zenwmMACAddress attribute. In most of these cases that
attribute lists 2-3 MAC's, but a few have up to nine MAC's listed. It's
not a huge concern, but it certainly makes it difficult to compare data...

Anyway, i'd like to understand what could have caused this. The computer
name for our workstations is set when a PC is imaged (not via ZENworks
Imaging) to a string that includes the PC's unique MAC. This ensures
that after imaging a workstation either reuses an existing workstation
object that matches it's MAC or imports as a network workstation. There
is no mechanism that would allow either the computer name or registered
workstation object name to be retained after a PC is imaged.