Ryan: I have downloaded and unzip those files. I have looked at the
template. I sort of understand it, but I am a little confused. I make
changes and they don't work, or I may get an error message when saving
the template with the changes. Can you look at my example and let me know
what is wrong? Thanks - Susan

POLICY !!Redirection_Personal
Part !!Redirection_PersonalPathEDITTEXT REQUIRED
Default !!Redirection_PersonalPathDefault
Valuename "Personal"
End Part
End Policy
Redirection_Personal="My Documents Folder (Personal)"
Redirection_PersonalPath="\media\nss\HOME\students \%USERPROFILE%\My

Do I need to change the top portion also, where the edittext is required.
Can You send me an example.
Thank You - Susan