Hello all,

I maybe to this. As soon as I think I get it, something throws me a curve. Zen 7.0 sp1

I have two user group policies. One group policy I have assigned to a specific user. The other user group policy I have assigned to the container that the user is a member of.

In my container search package, search policy, My policy search order is Object, Group, Container.

So, in what order would my policies be put onto the user object? I thought that it would go from least specific to most specific. No? So in my case, the Container package would apply, then, for whatever reason or order, group policies (which I have none associated) would apply, then finally, policies assigned directly to a user.

Now if a container policy is applied, say to not display run = enabled. If the user specific policy is "not configured", the run option should not be displayed. If however, the say to not display run = disabled, the user specific policy of being disabled applies. No?