Hello all,

I am a bit stuck on this one and really don't know what to do, or what would be a good change to make.

We are running Zen 7.0 sp1. We have a single WAN (t-1 speed) between two locations. We are also running ENGL 4.0.1 sp1

Originally in our set-up, we have ALL of our workstation being imported into a single container, based on OS. All windows XP will go into the WINXP container no matter where they were imported from. All workstations across the WAN are imported to these single containers based on OS.

So, when we created a Workstation Group Policy, pretty much we have 1 policy that covers ALL workstations. We did not have a need to have anything different, until possibly now.

We have employed a windows SUS server. In the workstation group policy, you can point workstations to get updates from a http:\\ address that has WSUS on it.

Well that is fine and good, until you have 150 workstation across a t-1 wan all pulling windows updates from a server.

We could put another WSUS server on the other side of the WAN connection, but how can we put in a web site variable http:\\webserver-site-specific into the group policy?

The other option I could see is now importing workstations into separate containers, then creating separate policies for each container. What a pain to configure and move all those workstations. How would the autoworkstationimport work? Don't they need to have a dns address to do the import?

Any ideas or tricks on how to get this done would be appreciated.


Tom Hafemann