I'm having a few problems manually importing some of our workstations.
We currently have a policy setup that automatically imports
workstations after three user logins. However there are some
workstations that are not automatically importing.

I went to the select workstations and ran "zwsreg -unreg" at the
command prompt and successfully unregistered the workstation.
Afterwards I ran "zwsreg -importserver <serveraddress> -importpolicy
"<importpolicy>" -importws <workstationname> and get a message saying
the import was successful.

I check my tree and do see that the workstation has been successfully
imported. However I am unable to remote manage the workstation; I get
an error message saying "1456: The Remote Management Agent is unable to
read information from the eDirectory server". Is there something I am
missing in importing these workstations? Thanks in advance for any