We have XP Pro sp1 workstations that we are converting to XP Pro sp2
using ZEN7 imaging. We currently are using ZEN6.5.20 agents and have
upgraded the backend to ZEN7sp1. (We are converting to ZEN7sp1
throughout but made our workstation images before the ZEN7 upgrade.
After all workstations are updated, we'll add ZEN7 agents to the

We have used ZEN since 4.x days and are using DLU on all
users/workstations. Our DLU settings are: Enable Dynamic Local User,
Manage existing account (if any), Use eDirectory credentials.

We import the workstations through ZEN with platform specific (XP)
naming of Computer. All workstations are imported in a Workstation
container under the user container location.

Through this upgrade process we have discovered that some workstations
will have multiple local accounts under C:\Documents and Settings. Our
last discovery of this the user has a login id of mld. On her
workstation we find C:\Documents and Settings\mld and C:\Documents and
Settings\mld.computername (where computername is the name we've given to
the workstation through the import process). The mld account seems to
be inactive while her mld.comptuername account is the current, local
account. We have also seen Administrator and Administrator.computername
on some workstations.

I don't have any explanation as to why the multiple accounts are created
- or how the naming convention is derived. Why username.computername?
Why the additional account? Why not all workstations - only a few? How
can I prevent this?