I've been searching the net and have yet to find an answer that can
help. I just setup two new policies, one for User and one for
Workstation that both have User/Computer Group Policy (User Package has
User GPO, Workstation has Computer). Everything (for the most part)
seemed to be working well. Then I moved my user into a different OU,
and all the policies quit working.

The way I have it set up right now is I have the user as a part of a
group, and have the User Package bieng applied to that group. I have
the Workstation Package bieng associated directly with the workstation.
Both the user and workstation are in a new OU I created called TEST;
with sub OU's of Users and Computers.

I've checked to see that the new OU I created had the same rights that
the previous one did. Is there some special way that you must move a
user/computer in order for it to continue to recieve it's policies?

Thanks in advance.