One of my customers recently replaced their last Netware 6.5 server with
OES Linux. Ever since then, roaming profiles have been slow to load on
their citrix farm. The configuration is the following

- Citrix 4.0 on Windows Serverv 2003
- Uses eDirectory for authentication. No AD in the environment
- ZENworks 7 SP1 is installed on main file server
- ZENworks 7 SP1 agent and Client 4.91 SP3 is installed on Citrix servers.
- Roaming profiles are enabled through ZENworks policy and being stored in
user's home directory
- People with profile sizes of less than 10 MB are experiencing login times
of 2 - 3 minutes.
- All servers are on the same VLAN on the same Gigabit switch. None of the
servers are showing any framing or other network errors.
- DS is healthy. There are 3 servers in the replica ring. The server
running ZENworks is the master replica server
- Turning on userenv logging in windows 2003 shows the following curious
errors -

USERENV(2e4.8a4) 15:06:26:886 CheckXForestLogon: Stand-alone or NT4 domain,
not x-forest logon.
USERENV(2e4.8a4) 15:06:41:902 AbleToBypassCSC: Try to bypass CSC
USERENV(2e4.8a4) 15:07:05:011 AbleToBypassCSC: tried
NPAddConnection3ForCSCAgent. Error 67

Of the 1 minute login time for this particular user, roughly 40 seconds of
the processing is happening between those 3 lines. I have search high and
low on Novell, Microsoft, and Google and I can't find any info on these
errors. I would be very grateful if someone could give me some more ideas
on what to do about this problem or an explanation of the excerpt above.