I have a few questions concerning some policy settings that I'm trying
to apply. The first one is about Folder Redirection. I've done some
research on the matter and see that it's not natively built-into Zen.
I've tried using a few .ADM files I found under Cool Solutions.. they
do work, but end up reverting after a day or two. My current solution
to the redirection problem is using a registry entry in the login
script which sets the location of the My Documents folder.

The second is the wallpaper/screensaver settings. I've enabled both in
the Desktop Preferences. I left the "path and file name to download
from" empty as I copy the .scr file and wallpaper file to the local
machine in the login script. However I notice that both will stop
working or not work at all.

My third policy setting still has me scratching my head. I want to
setup Group Policy to push out proxy server settings. So I set them up
just like they were in our AD GPO. When I apply the policy and test the
machine, I get nothing. I check the registry and only half of the
settings are applying (the "EnableProxy" setting is blank). So I
decided to use a registry entry for this as well, putting in the
"EnableProxy", "ProxyServer", and "ProxyOverride" strings. When I try
it like that, EnableProxy is there and the rest is blank. The only way
I've gotten this setting to work thus far is put a check in Enable
Proxy on the GPO in Zen, and use it in conjunction with a registry
entry that has the Proxy Server address and URL overrides. Is this a
bug in Zen or am I just way off?

Any help would be appreciated.