I am running ZDM7SP1 on OES-NW SP6, 1CPU, 2Gb RAM. Every morning when people
start logging in, the server running the Workstation Import service goes
100% utilization. When it does, Monitor:Kernel:BusiestThreads shows the
"Java_XXX Thread_1" (there XXX is the PID of the WSImport java process) as
the busy thread with multiple megs of RAM - nothing else even close. Once
everyone is logged in, the machine will eventually drop to normal
utilization. Weekends and holidays, it is not an issue because it never goes
high. Restarting the AWSI service will fix the issue for a while.

Previously had the same issue with ZDM6.5SP2 on OES-NWsp5

Erick Larson
Perkins Library
Duke University