Hello everybody.

I'm testing ZENWorks for Desktop (actually part of the ZENWorks suite)
and I'm giving the Workstation policy a try.

The version is 7.0.0 (no SP1 applied yet) running on a Windows 2003 server.

Under the ZEN_Workstations container there are a number of registered
workstations on which the agent is running.

Under the ZEN_Policies container I defined a number of policies; among
them, there are:

Inventory_Package (ObjClass: zenWorkstationPackage)
Remote_Control (ObjClass: zenWorkstationPackage)

Now I'd like to associate both of the above packages to the
ZEN_Workstations container which actually contains all the registered

Problem is: I'm allowed to associated only a single workstation package
to the container. When I associate the second one (right-click the
container -> Properties -> ZENWorks -> Associated Polity Packages -> Add)
I'm prompted with:

You already have an associated package of this type. Do you want to
replace the current policy package?

As far as I get it, it seems to suggest that you can only have a single
associated package.

Is that correct?

Supposing I want to keep separate policies for (eg) Inventory, Remote
control and what have you; apart from associate them to every single
workstations, is there a way to have them associated to the containter?

Please notice that I know I could create a SINGLE workstation policy
which specifies both the Inventory and Remote Control options but I'd
like to know if the above is by design or not.

Roberto Zini - r.zini<@AT@>strhold.it
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