I'm not a 'heavy' novell user. I do the lower level things. But
here's my problem that I can't for the life of me figure out.

Our workstation registration process runs on login. It will remove the
workstation every 40 days. It is a large manufacturing fascility.
Many of the tools don't allow the workstations to log out and back in
within that time frame.

I'm trying to figure out a way to 'schedule' the zwsreg.exe to run as a
normal user in the background and unregister if it's registered, then
register the workstation so we can remote connect to them without
running into workstations that have become 'unregistered'. I can run
the zwsreg from the command line easy enough. But it seems there are
problems with either mapping or file rights when i try to put it in a
batch file or run it right as an app object. Has anyone ran into this
situation before and found a solution?

I'd have no problem I guess using the workstation scheduler, but that
doesn't have rights when a user is logged in to register :(

Bill w.