I am trying to streamline our process for setting up new workstations.
Currently, techs image a machine, reboot, let sysprep run, reboot, rename the
computer, reboot, register the machine, reboot. (We register machines with a
script which places them in one of 2 dozen OUs.) I would like to streamline this
process to capture the two bits of information (ws name and OU) at the time of

I can use zisedit to set the ws name, and this works. I tried setting the ws DN
with zisedit, but it seemed to be ignored.

So I went ahead and created a matching ws object in the desired OU (with
LDAPAdmin - C1 complains), then the ws DN set with zisedit is obeyed. Further
happiness is achieved by running zwsreg.exe once (without options) to register
the ws in the OU (in addition this adds a few attributes to the object).

I have one problem (or merely the first I've found so far): I cannot remote
control the ws (error 1456: The Remote Management Agent is unable to read
information from the eDirectory server). I compared the ws object with one that
was registered in more traditional fashion, and added some ACLs, but cannot for
the life of me get the remote control working.

Has anyone done anything like this, namely, pre-creating ws objects? Any pointers?

I like Apple's workgroup manager in this regard: I create a ws object where I
want (uniquely identified by the ws MAC address), and when the machine boots, it
gets its name and policies from this one entry; no renaming, no registration

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