This is probably well documented somewhere, but I'm having trouble
location a solution.

Scenario: A group of 25 users in an OU have a User package with a
locked-down group policy. The user package also turns on non-volatile
dynamic local user.

Most of the time when a user logs in the policy is applied and
everything is cool. Every now and then when the user logs in the policy
is not applied. Worse, after a while some of the computers used by
these users mysteriously stop creating dynamic local users.

Sometimes logging out and back in or rebooting will cause the policies
to pick up; I don't worry about those cases. Sometimes nothing I do
causes them to be picked back up.

I said that this happens in a particular OU, but that is just an
example. Really it happens here and there in all of my lab OUs, each
with its own set of users and its own policy.

My solution so far is to reimage, which is fine but not ideal.

This is with NetWare 6.5 and ZENworks 7 (zfdagent, client

More information available upon request.