We have a 2-node Citrix Presentation Server 4-Farm on Windows 2003
Terminalserver. We have also Novell Client 4.91SP3 and ZEN ManagementAgent
7.0.1 installed. We use DLU and Roaming Profiles (Users Home Directory).

If a user (WR) login the first time to server METAFRAME2 the Profile for
user WR is created on the server. Then i logout but the profile stays there.
Then i relogon as user WR and a new profile named WR.METAFRAME2 is created.
After the logout this profile is deleted but the WR-profile already exists.
I can repeat this scenario always with the same results.

The same DLU-user login works fine for our second Windows 2000 based
Metaframe XP-Farm.

Any Idea ?