We're switching from AD to ZEN right now, and I'm supposed to be setting
up policies for all of our users. I just wanted a second pair of eyes
to look over what I'm doing to see if it's feasible.

In our tree we have a SITES OU, and under that we have a USERS OU and
COMPUTERS OU. Under the USERS OU I have created an Admin OU and
Clinical OU. All of our workstations are going into the COMPUTERS OU,
and our users go into the Admin or Clinical OU based on their job

I've created two seperate policies, and applied them to the Admin and
Clinical OU. Both policies seem to be applying without any problems.
Now we also use Terminal Services. All of our terminal server users are
in the Clinical OU. I want to setup a Server Policy for our Terminal
Servers that will restrict user access. Now my question is how will
this effect the Clinical TS users that are logging into the Terminal
Server? I just don't want policies to be applied incorrectly in such.
If anyone could let me know what they think, please go ahead. Thanks in