NW6.5sp6 (This has only been a problem since patching)

ZFD 7.0.1

We have a number of Workstation Policies that exist for the purpose of
defining installed printers and default printers for the Associated

Since installing SP6, 2 of our printers have been removed from the
workstation (No policy or printer changes).

A review of the policies indicate that are configured correctly, and
reported correctly when viewing effective policies for the associated

I have even gone as far as creating a new policy and associating it with a
workstation. In the new policy several printers are to be installed, and a
default is defined. No printers are installing.

Points of interest:

I noticed that SP6 has changed the folder structure for NIPP*.exe files into
OS folders. i.e. sys:\apache2\htdocs\ippdocs\clients\OS*

The appropriate changes were made in each policy to point to the nipp.exe
file located inside the win-xp folder.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to why my printers are dissappearing and
not reinstalling?