We have multiple O and OU's.. About 1/2 of them are across wireless WAN
links and 1/2 are fibered together.
Using Zen 7 and NW 6.5
Most all WinXP SP2 workstations
I currently have User Policies (using Group Policies) in each of the
various O's and OU's.

Issue is when I need to change a group policy for say students, I need
to change it for all the policies in the different contexts.
I tried copying the .ADM files from one context that I updated to
another context, but when I went into that context group policy, it
still needed to be updated.. What I am asking is:

It appears that all the group policy settings are not saved in the ADM
files ??
Since all the policies are the same (ie student or staff policy) for
each context, is there a simple way to change the policy in 1 context
and then copy that policy to the other contexts ??

I have the multiple policies to try to keep users from loading policies
over a WAN Link, or would that not be a problem ??.. Does the user
policy need to read all the .adm files at login, or does it simply read
the NDS policy object ?

Thanks in advance