We currently have an exclusive Novell environment with our Zen
installation. We have the software installed on a Novell server and the
workstations are imported into the eDirectory tree and managed by policies
this way. We have recently introduced an Active Directory domain into our
environment. We want to continue with our Novell Environment as well. The
end result is that we will have a mixed environment using eDirectory and
Identity Manager to manage users with eDirectory being the authoritative
source for user management. We also want to join our workstations to the
domain but are worried about how this may impact the policies we already
have in place to manage them with their corresponding applications. Are
there any good documents on Novell's site that explain the complications of
this type of configuration? I could only find information about single
operating system environments. Help. I will be setting up a test
environment for this scenario before we move it to our live network. Any
tips or tricks would be appreciated.