We have installed a new server with ZEN 7. There is an import policy
associated with this server and all new workstations are imported into a
new container by having their HOSTS files resolve zenwsimport to this
serverís IP address.

Before obtaining the new server, we had a server with ZEN 4 handling the
import. This serverís policy placed the imported workstations in a
different container. In order to consolidate, we want to move the 300 or
so old workstations to the new container.

What is the best way to get these existing station into the new workstation

I have been experimenting with an application that copies down a HOSTS file
to resolve zenwsimport to the new serverís IP address and at the same time
remove the Identification in the Workstation Manager entry in the registry.
This method has met with limited success. Some workstations have appeared
in the new container, but many have not.

Is there a better/more efficient/quicker way to get the workstations moved


Kevin Brady