Dear all,

The following:

We upgraded to ZEN 7 SP1 (Desktop Management) recently. We have a couple of
Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Servers and are trying to create user
policy packages for them.
The problem:
- we create a new policy package
- open its properties
- select the Windows 2003 Terminal Server policy
- select the Windows Group Policy and hit properties
- we already have some fine-tuned policies and the path to them is already
selected here
- we are able to edit the policies, but (and here it is):
each option in Applied Settings Types is grayed out. In other words, we are
not able to select (or de-select) User Configuration, Computer
Configuration or Security Settings.
In effect, this means the supplied Computer policies are not being enforced
when someone logs in on the Terminal Server.

What we've tried:
- use new Zen snapins
- use older snapins
- created new policy objects (from different workstation and terminal servers)
- checked the novell support site :-)

Is there anyone who knows what the problem is, or what we do wrong?

With regards and thanks in advance!

Jonas and colleagues