I have a network that will ask the user to login to Novell client4.91
(sp3) and then want them to login
to the windows with a user name and password.
I have DLU running with WinNt-2000-XP
Properties:Checked Enable Dynamic Local User
Checked Use eDirectory credentials

Member of: Administrators

Associations: "Students".(Group)

UnderProperties of Students(Group)
Zenworks/Associated Policy Packages: I have the DLU I made.

So anyone that is a member of "Students" should be a DLU..

Novell Workstation Manager Porperties are set to the right Tree. NDS
refresh rate is 540(default)
I have read http://support.novell.com/cgi-
bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/10086946.htm with the
ZENPOL32.DLL but there was no ZENPOL32.DLL.

OS: XP all updated.
Client4.90 sp2
Netware 6 sp5
zenworks 4.01
any help?