We use Zenworks 6.5 and 7. We are a county wide school system and have
some teachers that move from school to school and they need to change
their environment according to their school. What we want to do is
create a user account in the the teacher's base school and add that
teacher to the other schools that they go to. Teacher accounts have a
GroupWise account associated with them and a distribution list linked
to the teacher group for that container.

So at present we have a alias in all remote location (remote as far as
the teacher base school is concerned) and also add that teacher into
the remote container's teacher group. This causes the policy packages
from the base location to travel across the wan to the remote login
and that is completely undesirable.

The only policy package we want across the wan is for the technicians.
Does anybody know how we can get to work this way? I know we could do
a lot to minimize the wan traffic but instead we want it so that when
the teacher is at the high school he gets the high school policy and
when at the middle school she gets the middle school policy!