NW 6.5 sp5 Zen 7sp1 and now partially HP3.

First the question because I know I can be long winded, Is there any
problems with running the SP1 version of workstation import while all
other ZDM services are HP3?

Now the background info:
I recenty installed HP2 to resolve a few imaging issues, unsupported
hardware mostly. After that I had some small issues with imaging that I
was able to over come with some BIOS updates and setting changes. Once
that was all taken care of I found that with HP2 I was unable to move a
workstation object to a different OU with Console One and get it to
update. We had this problem years ago with Zen 4, I think it was fixed in
SP1. Anyhow, I let it ride since HP3 was going to be released. After
installing HP3 I found that manually moving a workstation still did not

This morning I went back and installed the import server from Zen7 SP1.
I've tested it several times and found that manually moving a workstation
works fine with this version of workstation import.