Hi All,

Here's what I've been doing, presumably wrongly:

When I import all my workstations, I'm bringing them into a
"Workstations" OU. Once I get them in the Workstaions OU, I have 5
other OUs created underneath the Workstation OU.

These 5 OUs underneath Workstations OU correspond to my 5 building on

I move the workstation objects in the Workstations OU into their
appropriate OUs, such as "HighSchool", "MiddleSchool", etc.

What I'm finding is that the next time a workstation logs in after I've
moved it to a specific OU ("HighSchool", for instance), another object
is recreated for that workstation in the Workstations OU.

That leaves me with a workstation object in the Workstations OU and one
in the HighSchool.Workstations OU, both workstation objects having the
same name.

Can Zenworks just logically determine that I've moved a workstation
object and not create another one in the workstations OU?