I cannot get my workstation policys to work, I did successfully get the
user policys to work though. I set everything up the same exact way, it
pulls from the same network folder, has the same associations. I disabled
the user policys in case they took priority. I went to wmsched and it shows
that it can see the Group Policys to be pulled down, but when I hit "Run
Now" still nothing.. In the system32 folder there are three folders it
creates.. GroupPolicy, GroupPolicy.WksCache, and GrouPolicy.WMOriginal2 .
If i type in gpedit.msc it does not pull up the correct group policys.. I
cannot figure out what I am missing. I don't understand why it works for
the user package, but not for the workstation package. We really want to
set it up as workstation package though.. Any suggestions about what might
be happening?

- Emma