HI all,

I am upgrading my ZfD to 7SP1_HP3.
The install is done through NAL calling the ZfD MSI. It is performed
as secure-system level and is associated by workstation object, not
user object, and works fine!

The current workstation object name is in format <sitecode><roomcode>-
<asset#>:ZDF700 (to indicate it was on zw 7 with no SP). I would like
this to change to <sitecode><roomcode>-<asset#>:ZDF701 automatically
so that we know what version of ZfD is on it. (Some older workstations
are running ZfD401, and hence have that name on it's object).

This rename should be done by a NAL (again at system level associated
with just workstation object groups) that can call a quick script. The
script currently imports using the full zwsreg command, giving full
object name (over-riding the import policy naming convention).

Remember, in this scenario the user is not performing the action, it
would be the **workstation working at system level**. The workstation
has required rights on appropriate objects.

Here are the problems I have found so far:
1) It can "zwsreg -unreg" fine but when I try to re-register, the
workstation object isn't valid anymore and fails! IE when the
workstation tries to connect to the import server, the import policy
checks the workstation credentials -- but there aren't any credentials
on the ws anymore as we just unregistered! So the workstation now
doesn't have perms to import itself.

2) If I try to re-register without unregistering first, the command is
successful (it updates the existing object), but fails to rename it
leaving the object with the ZFD700 name instead of ZFD701. It doesn't
seem to matter what string I try to rename as.

3) Looking at some JRB tools, DELOBJ.EXE can remove the object
completely, but the workstation doesn't have permission to connect
(need to log into server, switch context, assign user environment --
but I just want the workstation to do it!). I'm not sure if it could
re-register itself if I could delete the object anyway, as the
workstation technically doesn't have perms any more as the object
doesn't exist. However, it may still seem like a registered ws since
it have not been unreged locally.

I was also hoping that a rename would update the group membership too.
DELOBJ removes the object from group memeberships, so would have to
use JRB WGPADD.EXE to add it back in with the new name if I used
scenario 3 successfully.... so that's another application that wont
have permissions!

So, I either want to delete the old object and create a new one, or
rename the old object.

Anyone have any ideas?
Sorry to make the post so long... I hope it hasn't put anyone off!

Thanks all