We are starting to purchase computers from a vendor pre-installed with
an image (up till now we have imaged onsite after receiving the
equipment). Since we have multiple schools, we want to be able to have
a clean, generic image that will set some site-specific settings on
first boot. Specifically, we want the computers to change the Computer
Name to match the Serial Number from the BIOS, and also change the
ImportServer registry key to the local import server. Ideally we want
these things to happen before AWSI occurs so the workstation object
name is correct. Here are some ideas we have tried but won't work:

1. Sysprep to change Computer Name - no good because it breaks NICI on
the NetWare Client. NICI is required for Universal Password, etc.

2. Imaging Policy for Unregistered Workstations - thought about using
this to run a script to determine the subnet, then run an add-on image
with the appropriate ImportServer reg settings. However, this will only
work if we specify a base image in the policy, and I'm concerned about
existing computers that may not be registered correctly imaging
themselves and losing data.

My idea was to set RunOnce keys to run two programs: one being
wsname.exe to fix the computer name, and the other a .vbs script to set
the ImportServer registry key. Then the workstation should import
automatically on next boot. Maybe if I'm lucky I can find a .vbs script
out there that will allow me to accomplish both tasks in the same
script. But before I start researching this I wanted to check in here
and see if anyone had any alternate suggestions, because this HAS TO be
an issue that someone else has already solved.