Afternoon everyone,

I'm having problems with a specific portion of our ZFD7-deployed Group
Policy for our Terminal Server 2003 users.

I am trying to redirect My Documents and Desktop from %USERPROFILE%\
(the default) to N:\Desktop and N:\Docs - where N:\ is the Users' Home
directory on a Netware 6.5sp5a box.

I have tried several methods of implementing this, and all give the same
result; that when the Policy is applied, the user can't access their My
Docs folder, or create items on the desktop. The error in both cases is
that "Your current security settings do not allow this action."

I have used two differing .ADM packages from the Zenworks CoolSolutions
site -

and also modified the regkeys manually with the same result.

How can I track down what the security setting is that is causing the
problem? Do the folders in the home directory need any other rights than
already given? Or am I looking at a Windows/other Group Policy issue? If
so, how on earth can I debug it?

James Dore,
New College IT Officer