We are just setting up ZEN in an environment.
ZEN 7.01 (installed in File and Print tree)
Netware 6.5 File and Print eDirectory 8.8.1
SLED 10 Auth tree eDirectory 8.8.1

Background :-

Basically we have three eDirectory trees. (One of those Trees is just
the IDM Vault)

Tree 1) Auth (SLED 10):- All users (Novell CLient or LDAP) will
authenticate here. The Login script then calls a PROFILE Script in Tree
2 which gives the User access to resources such as Home Drive, Dept data
and Zenworks.

Tree 2) File Print ZENworks(Netware 6.5 sp6) The HomeDrives also reside


Now the problem I am having is that the :-
STORE User Profile in User Home Directory, does not work when I
authenticate again the AUTH tree. If I authenticate directly against
the FILE and PRINT tree then this works.

The Store USer Profile in Network Directory Location works. However I
am not sure if I can use a Variable. Well with current testing I can't
get it to work.

eg \\10.10.x.x\data\%cn

We are not using Middle Tier, but if we need to then so be it.


1) Can I use Variables in the UNC path and if so how?
2) Is there a way to use the Store User Profile in User Home Directory.
(I guess the way we are authenticating is no different to having a
dedicated ZEN tree)

Thanks for any help