I am currently running group policies for three different groups. We have
a Tech_staff policy, a Teacher Policy and a student Policy. The first
policy that I got up and running was the Students to keep all of the junk
from being installed on my lab computer and it has been great. But last
week I had a visit from a teacher that brought up a valid concern that I
am not quite sure how to fix.

Right now in the Student policy I have Downloading disabled. When the
students try to click on a down load it gives them an error saying "Your
current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded" Which
like I said has saved me so may headaches. The problem now is PDF files. I
have 3 or 4 classes that need to be able to view the files but because IE
downloads them to a temp file it will not open them.

What I am looking for is a way to allow certain types of download (pdf,
doc, xls, ppt ect) and ban (exe, zip, msi ect) Does any one know of a way
to do this with Group Policies?