Hi all,

For a fair while now, we've been using dynamic local user (DLU) policy
to create and manage and account on our computers.. all has been ok.

For various reasons, we've had to rebuild the pc image from scratch and
now some odd things are happening.

We run 2 setup accounts, the 1st creates a 'Localuser' account which
accesses the 'Localuser' profile created by DLU. The 2nd also access
the 'Localuser' profile via the DLU and all is fine. Because these are
setup accounts, they are set to administrator level rights. Once setup
is complete, students are allowed onto the machines.

Students login and, using DLU, access the 'Localuser' account. But
they go in as a User rather than administrator. Since the rebuild, the
2 setup account work fine with the DLU created account and profile but
when a student account logs in, it creates a new 'Localuser' account
and ignores the pre setup one. It generally creates something like

Is there something I could have missed, either in the GPO's or in the
Novell setup? I've even given the 'Localuser' account full rights, via
the DLU, to the documents and settings/Localuser folder but this
doesn't help!

Does anyone have any ideas about how I should proceed?