At present, I have a single workstation import policy that creates
workstation objects below a "selected container". I'm now implementing
ZENworks Imaging and find this arrangement to be extremely inefficient
in terms of selecting participants for multicast sessions, etc. So, i'm
looking to organize my workstations based on location... starting with
~300 public use machines. Unfortunately, i'm having difficulty
identifying an effective mechanism.

I've experimented with multiple import policies where each policy
imports to a "selected container" that represents a specific location.
This works well. The catch is how to identify the desired policy during
the imaging process so the workstation can either locate/create it's
workstation object in the appropriate container? Scripted image?

Another option would be to move the workstation objects in eDir into the
desired container structure then configure my images to restore the
workstation object info from the the image safe data post-image.
Unfortunately, in my environment, it's possible that a workstation will
be running a different image/serving another purpose/in a different
location post-image. So, post-image, the image safe data may reference a
workstation object that's in a container that doesn't match the actual
location of the PC. The workstation would be incorrectly captured in
policy associations, app associations and imaging operations.

I'm curious to know how others maintain a more dynamic import process
that allows a PC to be moved/repurposed yet maintain linkage with a
workstation object that's in the appropriate container.