We are trying to implement automatic workstation import on a new ZfD 7 sp1
server. The import works if we install the agent ( Client32 is already
installed ) and make an entry into the hosts file for zemwsimport. We'd
like to automatically import 250 workstations.

There are two issues that we have run into. The first is that when trying
to push the agent with the ConsoleOne Tool, we get an error that says that
the $Admin share couldn't be enabled. I found that this can be resolved by
unchecking the enable simple shares in the folders option on the
workstation. If all of our workstations are configued this way, how do we
change them remotely.

The other problem is that the zenwsimport entry on our DNS server has to
have a domain suffix. The workstations don't have their own DNS entries
and can't resolve the name.

We don't want to touch every workstation. Any help would be appreciated.