Hi all
We are a school with loads of workstations and student users who roam the
campus. We are moving to XP SP2 with zenworks 7.01.

Currently we use win2k with a local guest account that is preconfigured
with any application software settings and then imaged out onto PC's.
Manage existing account is on with the local username set to guest.
We have a bizare problem where the above configuration works fine on one
type of PC's but on another type the user can login once ok and then the
guest account is set to off. On the second login they are presented with a
windows login box and a message stating local security policy settings
prevent login.

What I cannot understand is that the policy works fine on one bunch of XP
SP2 PC's with novell client 4.91 sp3 and same version of the zenagent as
the lot that don't work.

I don't want to use DLU as the MS Word install runs each time they login
which wastes time etc. This way the setup can be run once before the image
goes out and the settings are there for ever. I have tried using another
local account name, student but it seems to reset up each time.

What am I doing wrong! Thanks in advance.