First, I apologize for the long post.

Components installed: ZFD 7sp1, NetWare 6.5, Win XP SP2 workstations, Client

I am at a school and am trying to have it so any user who logs into a
particular set of computers (CAD lab) has local Administrator privileges,
but when they login to any other computer, they are a local User (non admin
privileges). Below is how I went about setting things up, but the end result
is they still do not have Administrator privileges which is a problem. I
created a local group (CAD) on the CAD lab computers, and then added the CAD
group to the local Administrators group via Net Localgroup. If I look at the
local Administrators Group, it does show the CAD Group as a member. I then
setup the User Group Policy to add the students to the CAD Group (Custom
Group) and the Users Group via the DLU settings in the User Policy. When a
student logs into a non CAD lab computer, which does not have the local CAD
Group, they are created as local Users and the local CAD group membership is
ignored. This is working as expected. When they login to the CAD lab, they
get created as local Users AND are also a member of the CAD group. This is
working as expected. However, even thought the CAD group is a member of
Administrators, the users do not have Administrator Privileges. As a side
note, I also tried a different approach, which also failed. I created an
application set to force run on login that added the user to the local
Administrators group. The application was associated to the workstations,
run as a Unsercure System User that adds the user to the local
Administrators Group (Net Localgroup). This time they were members of
Administrators, but did not have Administrator Privileges. I am guessing it
is because they were added to the group after they were logged (while
logging in) and as such, the Privileges were not re-read. Any help would be