We've been redirecting user folders for quite some time using ZENworks
3.2 and now ZENworks 7 via an ADM template. A logoff script was also
configured to run via GP that would redirect those folders back to the
local drive, so that when users logged in via workstation only they were
not pestered by errors re: network paths that were no longer available.

Well, the logoff portion hasn't worked for quite some time... until
yesterday/today. For some reason tho, folders are now being redirected
to the local drive on logoff. While this is goo good news for our users
it's very odd and concerning from my perspective. As far as I can tell,
there's no negative impact - user folders are being redirected to the
network on login to eDir and files storage to Desktop/My Doc's hit the
network as expected (verified their existence from another PC).

I'd really like to understand what has occurred to restore folder
redirection to the local drive on logoff tho. The only intentional
change that's been made recently is a change to the DLU policy for these
users - I changed the policy lastnight from volatile to non-volatile. I
don't see how that would impact settings in the GP, unless simply
opening/closing the policy package jostled something in eDir. Aside from
that, I opened the folder redirection ADM template and and redirection
scripts/.reg files yesterday morning. At no time were these files
modified and the last modified time confirms that.

Any input on this would be appreciated.