> As you migrate from a non-domain to a domain environment, you may want to
> consider.............
> http://support.novell.com/docs/Tids/.../10071463.html

> This way if a user walks up to a PC that has not been placed into the
> domain, they will logon with DLU.
> If they logon to a PC in the domain, their domain credentials will be used.

OK - so you're saying turn off DLU when all machines are put into the
domain, but keeping all users in a DLU package? If a user logs into a
domain then DLU is turned off therefore not interferring with Domain GPOs
and if the same user logs into a machine not yet in the domain then their
DLU and zen group polices will still be applied?

Thats an interesting and concept! My query is whether the the machine
would need a reboot for DLU to turn off? Better do some testing...

Thanks for your input craig