We are using Win XP Group Policies through Zen7. We have 5 policies for
each type of user in our school. Student, teacher, Admin etc. They all have
various levels of access to programs, control panels etc... My question is
this. We are re-imaging machines over the summer and the new image will
incorporate IE7, and Windows Media Player 10. Last year all of our policies
were based on IE6 and MP9. How do I update to the new policies without
having to rebuild them. Just copying the new adm files causes all default
values want to keep all the old settings but just add the new template
choices so we can just tweak a few settings using ZFD7 policy editor. Is
this possible? We only allow certail apps to run and the list is very
extensive. We want to avoind typing this list as there is no way to import
using GPEDIT, Thank you Microsoft! If anyone has suggestions let me know.
Otherwise we will have to build the most restrictive policy from scratch
and use Zen's Policy copy utility and then tweak each subsequent policy to
our needs.

John Z.