i have had an iprint policy working for the last 2 years or so which
distributes to 1 lab 3 different printers. Recently we retired the old
server that was holding the manager & broker etc and we used the
netware consolidation tool to migrate all the printers to a new iprint
manager running on a new piece of kit and this all went well.

On my workstations now i have 2 sets of printers one set (the 3 old
printers) have the old ip address of the origional print server and 3
new printers with the ip address in the printers name of the new print
server (as expected).

In my iprint policy i have it set so only these 3 new iprint printers
should exists on the workstation and to delete all other printers, but
when i login the 3 old printers are still there after the policy has
run on login this cause the pc's to constantly hang in applications
such as word as it tries to read all the printer info in but cant as
the old server no longer exists, i thoguht it would delete the older
dead printers or isnt this the case as the printer names are the same

see the attached pic for what i get in the printers folder

|Filename: iprint-policy-fault.JPG |
|Download: http://www.ndsengineers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=94|



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