I've found that some of our user accounts seem to have multiple
effective Windows group policies. Here's an example I've taken from
ConsoleOne for a particular user for the Windows 2000 platform. The
user is located in the Emints.ES.AV OU.

Windows Group Policy,eMINTS.ZfDPolicies,Emints.ES.AV,Windows NT-2000-XP
Windows Group Policy,District.ZfDPolicies,ES.AV,Windows 2000

Does it make sense for a user to have two effective group policies? It
doesn't seem to me like it should be possible. I think the one and only
effective policy should in this case be eMINTS.ZfDPolicies.

Am I mistaken? Is there a glitch here? We're using ZfD 7 SP1. Thanks.

- Jim Wagner