I have a container with users, groups and workstation objects. DLU
with volatile user is set up and working well for a group of students.

The DLU policy is set in the user package, that package is associated
to a group (students). They can log into the machines in the lab via
DLU without any issues. What I would like to do is prevent them from
logging on to any unregistered workstations, and registered teacher/
staff workstations (that might also use DLU for the teacher group).

As soon as I set the DLU policy restrictions, DLU no longer works. I
think I'm supposed to put the container in the included side on the
right, and the student workstations in the exceptions side on the
left. Well, it matters not what I put where. No matter what I do, it
does not work. The second I uncheck the restrictions box, DLU works

I found an open call on Cool Solutions, but everyone is offering
workarounds. Why is this not working? I have associated the policy
with individual users, groups, containers, no luck. Made brand new
policy with brand new users, same results.

Netware 6.5 sp6
Zen for Desktops 7 w/sp1 and HP6
Client 4.91 sp3