Hello I have been suffering with both myself and users group policy not
applying all the time. this problem rears its head from time to time. I have
rolled out SP1 and HP6 and it seems that both these have not fixed the

After reading some previous posts I have looked to enable debugging but it
doesnt seem to be switching on, i have been reading this Novell document

and tried to enable all logging as per this example

Location: HKLM\Software\Novell\ZENworks\Debug
Name (ALL logs): EnableDebug
Name (Workstation Manager log): WM
Name (Remote Mgmt Policy log): RMPol
Name (Inventory Policy log): InvPol
Name (Group Policies log): WMGrpPol
Name (User Group Policies log): WMGrpPolUser
Name (Wks Group Policies log): WMGrpPolWks
Name (iPrint policy log): WMiPrint
Name (Desktop Preferences log): WMPM
Name (Extensible Policies log): WMPolHlp
Name (Queue-based Printer Policy log): WMPrtNT
Name (WM helper launch log): WMRUNDLL
Name (Mgmt Agent Policy log): WmZenCfg
Name (Policy retrieval log): ZenPol
Name (Policy retrieval results log): ZenPolStatus
Type: DWORD Value
Data: 0 (Debug log file will NOT be written to)
Data: 1 (Debug log file will be overwritten each time)
Data: 2 (A new debug log file will be created each time with a unique name)
Data: 3 (Debug log will be appended to each time)

am i doing something wrong as no debug log folder is created with any logs

thanks in advance