Hello all,

I am having a bit of an oddity with ZfD 7 SP1. I have upgraded my
hardware and OS over the summer. We are running NW 6.5 with up to date
SPs and now running ZfD 7 with SP1.

Well, I have a pretty simple setup for delivering DLU for Windows 2000.
All students belong to one group called students and the Student DLU
Policy is associated with that group.

I have one YOG container that when I create new users, DLU does not work.
All other containers are working fine.

I have looked at all of the container level settings and they appear to be
the same for each YOG container. The policy inheritance levels are set
the same. I have created the user template from one of the existing YOG
user templates, which is working properly, and then just changed some
simple pathing.

Any ideas why this is not working for users in 1 container? Existing
users who were moved into this container from another part of the tree are
working fine.

Thanks for any help you may provide.

Steve D.