My college is dumping NDS for AD, so my dept is being dragged along. We
rely on their backend. Can't fight it, it's going to happen no matter what.
They've poorly implemented NDS anyway. I begged for two years to get them
to get workstation importing working for me before I gave up and set up a
NetWare server for the sole function of importing workstations.

Anyway, we'll still have a license for ZenWorks for a couple of years. Can
I setup Zenworks with AD only and no netware client at all? I don't think
our license covers patch management, but everything else. My primary need
would be remote control. I'm going whole-hog MS and AD, but I don't like my
remote control options.

Can I install Zenworks on a Windows server or Suse Server with just AD
authentication? I have a wimpy Dell dual 550Mhz, 1 GB ram server (doing
nothing right now). How is workstation imports handled with Windows or
Linux? If the workstation is in AD is that good enough? Do I still need
ConsoleOne? I have 200 machines spread around a huge university.