Hello all: I am having trouble with many of my workstation objects
trying to remote into them. I am getting an error about being unable
to read edirectory and to check if the middle-tier server is up. We do
not use a middle tier server so that one is out.

Our system consists of the following:
Server: OES/NW sp1
Server: ZfD 7.0
Workstations: WinXP w/ NWClient 4.91sp1 and ZfdCleint 7.0.0 or earlier.

At first I thought maybe this was related to older versions of the
zfdclient being on the workstations. But then I had trouble with
workstations recently imaged with all the current stuff. I have even
deleted and re-imported the workstations but that too was not 100%

Any ideas? Thanks Chris.